Danielle Sullivan was born in England. Her family moved to Calgary, Alberta, Brisbane, Australia, then finally settled in the Pacific Northwest when she was seven years old. Growing up, she spent almost every weekend in the mountains where she learned to love the outdoors. She spent hours drawing objects, animals, and character sketches of her teachers. She was encouraged by her art teachers to pursue art but decided to earn two Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Washington.

Although art was always a big part of her life, she didn't decide to paint professionally until the mid 1990's after studying the Russian Impressionistic style with Diane McClary in her Martha Lake Gallery and Studio in Lynnwood, Washington. The studio was also a close drive from her home and fit in with raising two young children. "I took every class, demonstration, and workshop for three years. I recognized the value of what she was offering."

Danielle moved to Bend, Oregon and faced painting without the benefit of further regular instruction. She soon found artist friends to provide inspiration and guidance. She also found she had the technical skills to paint alone. She takes workshops, classes, and does figure drawing every week along with other artists. She works in her Bend, Oregon studio and regularly ventures out into the wilderness to paint "en plein air". She is a member of Oil Painters of America and Plein Air Painters of Oregon.

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